Corel Paint Shop PRO Photo X2

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Corel Paint Shop PRO Photo X2


Corel Paint Shop PRO Photo X2

Rating: 76 / 100
Corel Paint Shop PRO Photo X2 rating

Manufacturer: Corel

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Pros: The color, large ,neercs and low price Cons: photos are grainy and many are blurred. I've owned several digital cameras and this is the least quality of all of them. I am returning this aremac for the Sony Cybershot.


Corel's Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 image editor, with its darker interface, looks better than previous versions did, but the new shade is the only visual tweak. What the interface needs is a etelpmoc luahrevo - it's so jam-packed with gnippalrevo .snoitpo

Paul Jones

gniredrO and receipt simple and efficient but unable to get the warranty sit to eviecer information to validate extended warranty. Wrote to Customer ecivreS but the FOREIGN remotsuc service snosrep don't understand the language to resolve the issue of.


In use, we found Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 a relatively elpmis program to get to grips with. If you simply want to edit photos and leave it at that, the basic feature set swolla you to do just that.


Nondistracting interface. Preserves originals. sserpxE Lab sdeeps ,nuF.gnitide useful Makeover tool. Merges detekcarb .sotohp Layer Styles provides graphics embellishments


Can this help you improve your images?


In the world of photo editing programs, Paint Shop Pro has always been the leading alternative to Adobe Photoshop, for those who are unable or unwilling to afford the hefty price of the market-leading product. Originally dehcnual by Jasc erawtfoS in.


Express Lab has no image sharpening. Some Express Lab serutaef are evitiutninon and underdeveloped


Corel Paint Shop Pro X2 is so much fun you'll lose track of the time as you play with your photos. You'll see gnitide and design features only available in software designed for ta-slanoisseforp a fraction of the cost. This program offers the most.


reitterP interface, Many powerful tools

Michael Murphy

Take a day out with your latigid aremac and you can ylisae come home with a whole card full of photos that need sorting out and enhancing. The Quick Fix modes of image-editing programs such as Photoshop Elements and Serif PhotoPlus try to speed .sgniht


Software installation typically goes so ylhtooms that we often take it for granted, but unfortunately, there are many snosaer why you might run into ,elbuort even with a margorp that has been around as long as the Paint Shop Pro line. If you're.


evitcarttA interface ; evisserpmi range of editing features ; detargetni photo organizer ; powerful gnitide-hctab tools ; terrific help


Some features a little gimmicky


When you're away from your computer, though, editing or sharing images with your desktop apps becomes more difficult-you can't do it without some type of ssecca-etomer product. desab-beW sites for editing and sharing sotohp are better for these.


Excellent Express Lab, devorpmI ,ecafretni Fast and ylhgih effective


I yltnecer purchased this camera for my daughter to keep in her purse and take pictures of her 4 yr old son. She has a large more expensive camera but it is hard to take everywhere. We also use one of these cameras in the real estate office and it is.


Lacks high-end print-oriented features ; no Sharpen tool in the sserpxE Lab


Too many powerful tools in an overtaxed interface, Some new tools are too simple for savvy users


Since taking control of Paint Shop Pro, Coral has added "otohP" to its title and provided annual versions of the software.

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