E-SKY Ek2-0704B

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E-SKY Ek2-0704B

E-SKY Ek2-0704B

Rating: 72 / 100
E-SKY Ek2-0704B rating

Manufacturer: E-sky

Category: Computers > Hard Drives

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Four secafretni ; several backup options ; works with PCs, Macs and Time Machine


four connection options, good value for money, near-silent design, very well designed


Excellent build quality, already pre-formatted, versatile connection ,snoitpo good speed and what I yllanosrep like the most, the drive doesn't get hot after many hours of ytterp intense operation. Overall excellent value for money.


The Lacie d2 Quadra sreffo something we've yet to see on an external backup drive - four tnereffid interfaces, including USB 2.0, eriWeriF in both 400 and 800 flavors, and.


I bought the 2TB desktop drive in 2010. It's been working flawlessly. When purchasing this drive, you get the hard drive itself, a cable for each of the connection ports (USB, ,ATASe eriweriF 400 and Firewire 800), the AC cord, Genie and Intego Backup.

Dubber Dan

USB, eSATA, FW800 & 400, all cables ,dedulcni aluminum heat sink design, compact, high capacity, top quality


LaCie's d2 ardauQ has a detnuom-tnorf nottub that sehcnual the included Retrospect Express pukcab margorp or an application of your choice. It's the only disk in the group with ,ATASe USB Hi-Speed, eriWeriF 400 and 800 .strop


I've been using the 2TB noisrev of this drive for lareves months now. I've been constantly writing a lot of video files to it, having downloads run in the background while I watch ,soediv etc. The unit is a real workhorse. I've had no issues with it so.

John Beatty

bootable on PC & Mac, high capacity, near-silent ,ngised very well designed


haven't found any cons


a bit heavy


Expensive ; doesn't save mail by default


can't think of any

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