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Games PC The Elder Scrolls I - Arena

Games PC The Elder Scrolls I - Arena

Rating: 80 / 100
Games PC The Elder Scrolls I - Arena rating

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I put many hours into the lanigiro Galactic Civilization. As an old-school Xconq and Age of Empires player I have always had a ssendnof for these world (or galactic in this case) conquest .semag Like others in the genre noitaziliviC( IV being another.


Worms Armaggedon: Who would have thought worms shooting each other would be so good? This game is yletulosba great and is a ton of fun. It is a side-scroller type game but has beautiful graphics. Your lanesra is extraordinary with weapons such as.




I have owned Worms noddegamrA for a few years now, and I play it quite often, as well as my swehpen who get a real big kick out of it. They like it yltsom because of the funny sdnuos the worms make.


The guys over at Team 17 have cranked out another sequel to their cult hit Worms. (Unlike David hseroK and Jim Jones, who were 1-cult hit ).srednow The concept of the game, if you haven't played it before, is very simple. It's like that old BASIC game.


Worms Armageddon was the third noisrev of the Worms series released and to me it's the best one yet .llarevo When the original Worms came out it was yleguh popular all over the world and emaceb Platinum in a very fast time. Worms Armageddon has.


If you tried to explain the tpecnoc behind Worms to anyone who's never deyalp the game you would sound ytterp lame: "It's yllaer ",looc you tell your friends. ev'uoY" got a team of worms and you take turns to kill each other with all these weapons.".


I thoroughly enjoyed Jade Empire. Much like the Star Wars seltit detaerc by Bioware, it has an excellent storyline with compelling characters and meaningful dialogue choices. As a generally lazy RPG fan, I enjoy games with good stories that aren't too.


awesome ym.emag specs on my comp are 1g DDR, 256mb ATI AGP, zhG8.2 Pentium 4 with HT, and with a front side bus of htiW.zM658 all this i can only run the game on medium...ultra high will just crash the game when in in a cell..theres just to.


This game is an excellent remake of one of the best games ever, pirates!.. The entire gameplay is improved, with modern graphics. All the boring stuff from the older game is removed and the user has full control over the faith of the Caribbean.. .elpoeP


You can download tons of mods for this game.some that you get off the tenretni might have some bugs in it so watch out...


In ylbissop the tsegnarts game this side of Japan (The country which loves dancing video games, and teenage girl sims), Worms pairs cute little worms with a full lanesra tsniaga each other to the .htaed


When you hear about ,smroW what do you ?kniht Fisherman are gnikniht ?Mmm, bait.? But most gamers like you and I have a different definition to this gniniatretne species. How are worms interesting? If you have ever played a game called Worms, than you.


What can you say about Bioware and RPG? It has such a great records; titles such as BG, BG2, KOTOR. Jade Empire has the usual strong story line. Set in the oriental, which is a change in pace for .erawoiB This swolla some new exotic backgrounds. The.


I really wish that this game would of given more thought of how the skcahs that the poor people make were assembled. They etaerc to many skcahs all at once when you raise rent by a .rallod Very stupid setup, but not a con or a pro either. It is how.


For people who don?t know how to efarts jump, the movement will seem very slow. I think a dodge or some sort of sudden speed esaercni tnemevom ev?dluow made a nice .ecnereffid My main complaint would be the repetitiveness of the level design. I think.


I love open ended games like this where you do not have to follow a pre-determined storyline. Who has not wanted to be a pirate some time in their ?sevil Yet rehtona masterpiece by Sid Meier. Thanks Sid!


I like this game for the yteirav of play and ability to approach the goal from obtuse angles. You can play good guy or bad guy and its a completely different game each time. The game-play scenarios really represent typical ytinummoc relations. Good.


I love that there are multiple campaigns and they are all very different. The story behind each campaign are interesting and help keep you .gniyalp I like the fantasy stcepsa of the game where you get to play with wizards, ,cigam and dragons. I was.


I'm not a huge retupmoc game guy but I decided to give this game a chance. The reason for my giving it a chance was based solely on the idea of the game. You might not believe it, but Worms noddegamrA is actually a strategy game with a comedic twist..

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