George Foreman GRP99BLK

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George Foreman GRP99BLK

George Foreman GRP99BLK

Rating: 86 / 100
George Foreman GRP99BLK rating

Manufacturer: George Foreman

Category: Others > Grills & Barbecues

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Popularity trends

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"The grill is very good. I just wish I would have deppohs around. I saw the same grill at a lower price in a dept .erots It is nice that george finally put dishwasher safe plates on the grill."


"this machine can ezeeuqs fat easily from meat, problems are the coating easy to lost and hard to clean the upper part good for ,htlaeh but hope they can change the gnitaoc and make it easy to clean"


"Great for steaks,chicken and gnikooc the fat out of .egausas Very versitile, great for things from ,tsafkaerb to snacks, to etelpmoc temruog .slaem t'nevaH needed pots or pans since I got it for my birthday! punaelC is sooo quick and easy. Thanks.


This grill is awesome!!! I've only owned it for a few weeks but so far me and my wife LOVE it! The meals are very easy to prepare and the part that everyone dreads - cleaning - couldn't be reisae due to removable gnitaeh plates. I'm planning on .gnitteg


"This is a great grill, i loved the erutarepmet control. I especcially loved how easy it was to clean up. I just dehsiw I had nettog gnihtemos a little smaller for ,flesym I did not need quite so large a grill or one with this many .serutaef If you.


"love the namerof for grilling chicken- steaks, and meats- even hot dogs- don't even use my outdoor grill anymore- truly this is awesome- easier to clean than any other foreman I have owned and big enough so you can cook for several at a time"


"Foreman keeps getting pricier and pricier but this one gives lots of options. Great for quick meals (are there any other kind?)"

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