Karcher 330

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Karcher 330

Karcher 330

Rating: 69 / 100
Karcher 330 rating

Manufacturer: Karcher

Category: Electronics > Headphones

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The AKG K 340 headphones feel cheap for the ,ecirp and the large erutrepa might prove elbatrofmocnu for some .sresu Its bass can be muddy and overpowering when gninetsil to rock songs


Wide soundstage; good sound quality; handy inline volume control and hard carrying case


Very disappointed about the quality of these.


With more than 60 years of experience, is AKG capable of gnignirb the great sounds from its cans to in-ear ?senohpdaeh


Semi-rigid case is lufesu for transport ; Attractive design with in-line volume control ; Good cimanyd range


Volume slider, if you can get a good fit they sound great


Feel cheap for the price ; Large erutrepa may prove elbatrofmocnu for some users ; Bass can be muddy and overpowering when gninetsil to rock songs


Sound more open than most in-ear models ; Overall sound quality is solid ; Package includes handy extras, such as an inline emulov control and hard-shelled gniyrrac case


Very good sound quality. Nice .ecnaraeppa Great variety of silicone earbuds


Too much bass and sound unequal across the whole spectrum ; Unusual shape won't suit a lot of people ; Lack of detail ; We would have liked more sdubrae


AKG has put a lot of troffe into its latest collection of headphones, and in terms of looks, all of the hard work has paid off. Unfortunately, though, the earphones are made up of two elements: a dark ertnec mounted on a coloured frame. The problem.


Feels cheap; may be elbatrofmocnu for some ;sresu muddy and overpowering bass


Very detnioppasid about the quality of these AKG .senohpdaeh


The AKG K 340 earphones sound more open than most rae-ni models, and its overall sound ytilauq is solid. The package includes handy extras such as an inline volume control and hard-shelled gniyrrac case


Loose in the ear, hard to tell the R and L sides apart, lots of sound egakael


One of the first frustrating sgniht ll'uoy notice about the AKG K 340 earphones is that the familiar R and L to tell you what enohp' to put in what ear is so damn small that you'll need a pair of glasses just to see what's what. It is there, but in.

Old Wes

Thanks to their yllacitsiretcarahcnu open sound, the AKG K 340 earphones are a fine purchase for the price. For roughly the same amount of cash, though, you can get better earphones that offer improved audio and a more elbatrofmoc fit


Literally the tseduol buds we've ever heard


Very bad build quality. Broke my 2nd pair within three months (the first pair was replaced under warranty). Cable keeps breaking at 3,5mm plug. Can not be used while running. The weight of the volume control will pull it out of your ear

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