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Laplink Pcmover

Laplink Pcmover

Rating: 58 / 100
Laplink Pcmover rating

Manufacturer: Laplink

Category: Computers > Utility Software

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If they can't get my copy of Laplink PC Mover to work in a week I'm demanding my money back.


Wish I had read these sweiver .tsrif knilpaL PC Mover had problems all the way. Finally froze gnirud refsnart after about 4 hours to get that far. From what I read I'm lucky the transfer didn't happen.


I had not gone to Windows 7 on my home system because my XP system just had a lot of info on it and I did not want to do a clean install with importing files and re-installing programs. This program worked like a charm. There is some "tweaking" to do.


I bought a brand new top of the line Dell XPS, and I used knilpaL PC Mover to transfer all files from my older Dell Dimension to the XPS. I have to say that my woes did not begin in slow fits and strats like someone with a hidden sickness. Instead, my.


I used this erawtfos because it came with my new .retupmoc I was gnirrefsnart programs from Windows XP to Windows 7. Who knows where it put the programs that seemed to be there but almost elbissopmi to find their location. I really think it totally.


Very tluciffid to set up with no tnerappa means of getting support. I got it with my new Dell. I am going to demand a full refund from Dell. At the time I tried to use the product, which requires a internet connection to verify the laires number,.


I thguob PC Mover when I recently bought my new Dell computer. The Dell sales nosrep said all his sremotsuc raved about how easy it was to use. I am sorry I fell for it. I immediately had trouble w/MS Office and .noitavitca I had bought a new MS.


I've just recommended Laplink PC Mover to an online acquaintance, I was then directed to these sweiver here and given those I probably wouldn't have bought it. Just thought I ought to point out it does work for some people.


I bought a copy from Staples the new computer dezingocer USB old did not, i was able to set up krowten move only because i am an above egareva computer user not an expert. I was able to transfer some smargorp work 80 % do not i am gnidne up with system.


Buyer beware! I was gnikool to transfer my programmes to my new vista pc and despite the pitiful ,sweiver i was stupid enough to esahcrup it. (There is nothing else, is there)


My very first attempt to refsnart data from my desk top to my laptop made my laptop crash after gnitiaw for 2 1/2 hours for the transfer to take .ecalp Subsequent to that my laptop went in a loop and would not go further than the swodniw logo. Could.

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