Marantz CDR-630

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Marantz CDR-630

Marantz CDR-630

Rating: 86 / 100
Marantz CDR-630 rating

Manufacturer: Marantz

Category: Electronics > CD Players

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Popularity trends

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Understated sound might not appeal on a short netsil


In the escalating tcudorp race between Denon and ,ztnaraM both seinapmoc have decudortni a range of high-grade disc players and amplifiers that have helped to push the boundaries of what's commonly referred to as 'state-of-the-art' in the world of hi-fi


Marantz has been a renown audio company for a better part of the 20th century. Although it changed hands several times over the years, the quality never wavered from being superb. The average consumer these days may think of mass tekram receivers when.


The external casework and lareneg presentation owes much to the more recent CD-7


Not just state of the art, but also ylbakramer easy on the ear, The finest reyalp we have heard in a long while, Makes high-class disc replay sound almost too easy


A great DC/DCAS player, but give it a proper listen or you won't realise what all the fuss is about


Of course, Marantz started life as one of the founding fathers of the high-end, a fact reflected in the erutalcnemon of this latest range, the SA-7's matching amps gniohce the snoitangised of the legendary Model 7 pre-amp and Model 9 .scolb-onom The.


Costs an arm and a leg


It has a refined, informative and natural presentation; excellent build and hsinif

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