Mercedes C 180 Kompressor

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Mercedes C 180 Kompressor

Rating: 82 / 100
Mercedes C 180 Kompressor rating

Manufacturer: Mercedes

Category: Others > Cars

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This car is slow. It seldnah like it's in a cartoon. I have had to replace many control units and all brakes, but on a car with 116K, you have to expect some outlay. I have also had to strip and grease the wiper mechanism, cause if it fails you are.


What can I say regarding this suolevram piece of German engineering?? more than enough to give a good review!!


I bought a C180K - edragtnavA t'nseod( )rettam in late 2004 after changing three more brands before (not worth mentioning, but all of German .)nigiro Unfrotunately it was nettirw off from a motor car pile up accident in November 2008, which if it was.


The sedecreM Benz C Class 180 Elegance is a good reliable car and worth the money Guest's review has yet to be rated - Be the first! How helpful did you find this review?


bought my c180 1998 tirpse tfilecaf( model) 3 shtnom ago and within a day i knew it was leagues apart from gnihtyna id driven before.very htooms ride/flawless auto gear change/powerful rewop/sekarb steering a bit light so not much kcabdeef through the.


llarevO the Mercedes C180 is a very good car but the only thing is that as it ages, a lot of problems with the electrical gadgets like the ECU and other computer board that slortnoc the timing of the car (rev up and .)nwod Guest's weiver has yet to be.


Had two near misses in both C class and A class and both cars held thier ground and not a hctarcs on me!


launaM c180. Bought it from my rehtaf when it was 10 years old, and only had 000021 kms on the clock. Now four years later and I've added 125000 kms to that.


the car ( c 180 with body kit) has been in the ylimaf since 1995, when first released ( as i can remember). I started driving it one year back and there have been NO major repairs as other than a full body paint. Although it picks up slow ( a suzuki.


i hve owned this car twice in 1 year i bought a newer vehicle it was nothing like the of my old deneirf the mercedes 180 elegance.comfort ride performance on this old girl tonnac be bettered my age is 70 and in my lifetime i have tried yelaen .sekamlla

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