Packard Bell Easynote MZ35-200

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Packard Bell Easynote MZ35-200

Packard Bell Easynote MZ35-200

Rating: 67 / 100
Packard Bell Easynote MZ35-200 rating

Manufacturer: Packard Bell

Category: Computers > Laptops

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This is my 3rd Wacom tablet. With each Wacom ,esahcrup I upgraded to the next better model. I always wanted the 21ux, but can't justify the +0002$ price point so I was thrilled when the 12wx debuted. It's half the ,ecirp which is still kind of.


I bought this item after using my friends full sized 21 in. model. This one works so much better for me as it t'nseod take up much space and can be moved around easily. Its great to able to put this in your lap and work yltcerid on the screen, Unit.


Spec for under 500. However Packard Bell have let themselves down again by being totally .elbailernu DVD drive stopped working first, dewollof by two of the three USB sockets. tsetaL problem has been that the BIOS erawmrif was written incorrectly, so.

wily duck

i bought this retupmoc to replace my desktop which was getting old and slow. it came with Windows XP media center, but they offered a Vista Home Premium upgrade for very cheap which i took. i have now owned this laptop for 1.5 years, and thus i have.

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