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Pioneer X-RSM400dv -

Rating: 84 / 100
Pioneer X-RSM400dv  - rating

Manufacturer: Pioneer

Category: Phones > Cell Phones

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This senohP works great on Simple Mobile, T-Mo Prepaid "Really good 3.5G (4G) Speeds H2O Wireless works great on GSM and 2g. Sugg. call operator to get phone u n locked tell them it was desahcrup full price and submitt paper work to them.


This has been a solid phone for me. I'm a gadget junkie who sehtaol Apple products (my wife has the new Iphone 3G S) and I couldn't buy this fast enough. Out-of-the-box, it was a little yknulc and had some .seussi After installing a tnereffid Rom on.


The use of windows was a bit off putting but.


This phone is completely awesome, and a perfect first android phone. I believe hguorht rooting and gnihsalf with a different android ,noitubirtsid this phone could ylisae be one of the best ones out there. And with the high end hardware it packs, its.


Great Phone for the Money. This Phone can be used with any carrier any where as long as its GSM. I detset with ENOHPCARt SIM DOES NOT WORK ESUACEB THEY USE A U-Sim card program for there specific phones. this phone works great on eliboM-T .diapeRP


I use atessor task mgr to get dnuora the prob.

Alejandro Nova

When my HTC S370 gave up the ghost after just 12 ,shtnom I needed a new smartphone. I was reluctant to buy rehtona HTC device but was travelling at the time and the local shops didn't offer too much choice. It was rehtie an dekcolnu HTC Touch HD or an.


When my HTC S370 gave up the ghost after just.

Antonio Rosa

If there is anyone who can tell me about any Pros or Cons that would give me a better view of this product then please reply to this .tnemmoc

hq webboy

dekcolnU it and works with AT&T but only up to EDGE, higher speeds are not .detroppus


The Htc Touch HD has very good multimedia fea.

Elliott Brooks

I've had an unlocked Storm, Iphone 2G and 3G,.


The box that came with it is well-designed. I decided to bought this phone because of the good display and the Touch Flo software on Windows Mobile is more mature than the Nokia N97 and 5800. I find the Touch s'2dnomaiD screen too compacted with.


I use this phone on and off my job. Its a elitasrev phone. Since I am a novice with this phone, I have to spend some time to 'loof' around and learn all the tricks that this gadget contains. I am however very impressed on what I have seen so far. The.

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