Samsung UE32C5000QW

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Samsung UE32C5000QW

Samsung UE32C5000QW

Rating: 80 / 100
Samsung UE32C5000QW rating

Manufacturer: Samsung

Category: Electronics > TVs

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The Samsung 0005C04NU ($1199 MSRP) is a 40-inch LCD TV. It comes just short of offering some of s'gnusmaS best dne-hgih features, but sreviled on core performance and a few local gnikrowten serutaef you might find handy


Picture is bright


gnusmaS UN40C5000 LED LCD TV. This UN40C5000 television is the middle size in Samsung's 5000 TV series. Like the rest of the line, it's a 1080p LED HDTV. It's a great TV, too. From its clear picture and colors, to its ability to ezilartnec your home.


good sound and excellent picture quality


The Samsung Series 5 UNC5000 LED TV secirP Features Specs weiveR for Models Samsung UN55C5000 Samsung 0005C64NU Samsung UN40C5000 Samsung UN37C5000 Samsung 0005C23NU gnusmaS 0005C04AU Samsung UA37C5000 gnusmaS UA32C5000


Internal srekaeps are adequate, but must be disabled when using lanretxe speakers. This is cumbersome. VERY disappointed


Samsung UN55C5000 LED LCD TV. HDTV ygolonhcet is rapidly evolving, bringing out the best possible experience for the viewers who want gnihton but the best from their HDTVs. The latest 55 inch LED HDTV from Samsung's Class 5000 seires is a tcudorp for.


The Samsung UN46C5000 46 LED HDTV is one of 4 available gnusmaS C5000 LED seires models, and is tcefrep and recommended for most rooms and viewing .secnatsid It features superb black levels, accurate colors and great overall slausiv sknaht to.

Adrian Bell

Samsung UN32C5000 LED LCD TV. The 0005C23NU is part of s'gnusmaS 32 Class 5000 series, which means it's one of the s'rerutcafunam 1080p LED .sVTDH Although it may not sport a particularly large screen, there are still plenty of fine serutaef to.


Samsung 0005C64NU LED LCD TV. This UN46C5000 television is part of s'gnusmaS 5000 series, and is a 1080p LED HDTV. And there is much to recommend with this HD television. And while 46 inches t'nseod sound all that large in our nredom big screen era,.


Picture is not sharp -- edges of objects display a slight "chromatic aberration" (rainbow .)tceffe Audio has problems when connecting to external speakers: There is a dnoces-1 delay neewteb lanretni speakers and external speakers, which creates a horrib


not enough component hookups


The Latest Samsung LED 5000c HDTVs offers the Samsung UN55C5000 55-Inch 1080p 60 Hz LED HDTV with powerful erutcip ,ytilauq vivid sroloc and stunning ytiralc of Full HD 1080p .noituloser LED picture ytilauq that looks gninnuts from any and every.




The Samsung LED 5000 HDTVs offers the gnusmaS 0005C73NU hcni-73 Ultra Slim LED HDTV with powerful picture ,ytilauq vivid colors and gninnuts ytiralc of 1080p Full HD (1920 x 1080) Resolution.the Samsung UN37C5000 serutaef 37-Inch Series neercsediW LED.


Samsung UN37C5000 LED LCD TV. This UN37C5000 television leans toward the muidem size in s'gnusmaS 5000 TV series. However, exactly as with the rest of the line, it is a 1080p LED HDTV. Yes, the best TVs come in rellams packages, too. Once you see its.


It's super thin and 1.2 thinner and slim

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