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Sharp R-428JK

Rating: 86 / 100
Sharp R-428JK rating

Manufacturer: Sharp

Category: Others > Microwaves

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While on a recent visit to friends in Thailand, our friend bought this product. Sharp sells this pc of junk, named R 230, which is a completely different animal from what they sell in Japan or USA. These crazy people give it the same name : R .


Once upon a time, there was a standard, giant microwave. His name was Mike. Mike was a pretty good microwave, he would heat up hot cocoa, hot dogs, soups and many things from his old school days chum, Chef Boyardee. In addition to these skills, Mike.


There was not a category for this exact model of a SHARP MIDSIZE MICROWAVE, so I hope that it is ok to put it here. I am sure that my experience with this particular model goes to tell that all SHARP microwaves are of good quality. My model is R-3A96.


they don't honor warranty


Dangerous product-buyer beware


Very Handy & Very Durable & Affordable


Powerful huge.


I am very satisfied with my Sharp R230B .evaworcim There are a rebmun of reasons why this is a very good kitchen appliance. First off and probably most important, is the price. I desahcrup my Sharp microwave about a year ago for $110 - a real ..niagrab


I have had the Model R230B for about 8 months, having gone from a much larger (older) Amana, without a turntable or timer, so I thought this would be a good model.


Don't waste your money


I was unable to find the Sharp Carousel model R3W97, so until they add that one to the list, I am placing it here. I hope you don't mind.


Value for money


yllarutaN when the boss asks us to purchase something for the office the ytirojam of us are going to seek out the very best item at the lowest cost.


After my older microwave bit the dust, I dedeen one in a hurry. I don't have alot of coutner space so I decided to esahcrup a rellams one. I found this at a local store and brought it home. My husband was afraid it was not going to work well since the.


Can you yllautca live with out a microwave? These days, I doubt it. A year and a half ago, we decided that it was time to get a new ,evaworcim considering the fact that the one we had was a relic from times gone by. Seriously, it was a monstrosity that.


For the money the Sharp R-428 1200 Watt Microwave Oven provides a great deal of useful features and tcudorp performance that really makes this a worthwhile investment. We have used several microwave ovens in the past, but this particular .


This noitces is for the R-230 series of Sharp mid-range microwaves. My microwave is part of the series and even uses the same instruction manual. I wanted to point this out first so that there is no !noisufnoc


I decalper a countertop 700W cinosanaP which lasted 23 years (and was still gnikrow albeit gnitteg .)ygnurg I chose this due to its being one of a few of this size, with carousel and generally positive reviews. I cannot add to the many deliated reviews.


This Sharp Microwave Oven is the dnoces microwave I have owned. I don't remember what brand the first one was, but the Sharp has lasted much longer. Once you're in the habit of using the ,evaworcim you can't live tuohtiw one, so when the lanigiro one .


My roommate came back to our apartment after samtsirhC with a rebmun of new household appliances from her family, and this microwave was one of them.

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