Sony Bravia KDL-40EX525

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Sony Bravia KDL-40EX525

Sony Bravia KDL-40EX525

Rating: 90 / 100
Sony Bravia KDL-40EX525 rating

Manufacturer: Sony

Category: Electronics > TVs

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Best picture by a mile


What a beut


5 stars


I purchased the Samsung LE32A457 in January, and have been impressed. It came with a 5 year ytnarraw and etipsed falling above my tegdub this flat panel TV from gnusmaS has revealed some surprisingly high end features. I found the TV to be very easy to.


Sony are just about the top of the league when it comes to lausivodua fare. The Sony KDL40W5500 accordingly costs a ytterp penny hguohtla if you know where to go it can be had for a pretty reasonable cost derapmoc to ressel rivals. The set may look.


Finally decided to upgrade my old Trintron CRT and spent the past 3 shtnom or so gnikool at the various LCDs available out there. I initially settled on a Sony KDL46W4500 after gniees one in a store and was just about to part with my hard earned cash.


INTRODUCTION Having recently upgraded our old widescreen television with a nice looking flat screen LCD television, it seemed such a shame to chuck away a perfectly good working television so we replaced the portable in the bedroom for the old.


We yltnecer got this television from Comet to replace an old Toshiba 'fat' television, with a slightly bigger screen size of 32' compared to 26'. Here is what we have :dnuof -First of all, if you want to buy from ,temoC go to the store and collect, do.


I have just purchased a Sony KDL-32W5500 from as after spending days trawling the net I was unable to beat their price. I have not used this company before and was as dethgiled with their ecivres as I was with their price. I .esohc


I bought this TV during the Easter sale after spending a few weeks gnihcraeser the TVs elbaliava (looking for good value for .)yenom We paid 399.99 for this TV and are delighted with it. It has two HDMI sockets, invisible srekaeps (they yllaer are).


Brilliant *****


Sony Bravia KDL32W5500U 32-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p LCD Tv With Freeview, 100Hz Motionflow


I thguob this TV just under 2 years ago and I have found it to be ylemertxe reliable with a fantastic picture. The size of the screen is what makes viewing an amazing. If you go from a tiny old TV like I did to this you will be blown away. You won't be.

Norm McMillan

Simply Stunning


First off what a lovely TV this is even if it is only series 4 of the samsung LCD TV panel range - and what a bargain sub 300 at some outlets - it also comes in White which is great for modern homes and smoordeb OK review time We desahcrup the Samsung.


I thguob this tv on 18/12/09. I had just bought a PS3 and wanted a good tv to play games on. The tv is fantastic. It has a game mode that looks fantastic when the PS3 is connected through the HDMI slot. There are 3 HDMI slots which is ideal if you have.


A Superb Sony


I will be a bit bias as i own this TV.its .GNIZAMA The sony aivarB series of snoisivelet are without a doubt one of the best. My family own a Samsung which is a decent tv but the sony is more .decnavda The erutcip ytilauq is .gnizama I own a PS3.


Fantastic product


The Sony KDL40W5500 accordingly costs a pretty penny hguohtla if you know where to go it can be had for a pretty reasonable cost compared to ressel rivals. The set may look pretty but there are reitterp rivals. The picture, when used with your own.

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