Sony FH-B7CD

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Sony FH-B7CD

Sony FH-B7CD

Rating: 85 / 100
Sony FH-B7CD rating

Manufacturer: Sony

Category: Photography > Digital Compact Cameras

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All I can say it what an amazing piece of technology. I upgraded from a lower version of Sony Cybershot I received as a gift 5 years ago to the DSC-HX1 and I am just .dellirht I have had the camera for less than a week but due to the holidays and.


I was always missing my childs events esuaceb my old camera only had 3x zoom. With this Sony I am able to zoom in and get that picture! The quality of the picture is clear and not .derrulb I just love this camera!


This camera is awesome, its cimaronap view pics feature is really grt n one of its kind. stability is also very good, I took few pics frm running car n they r still stable n awesome. zoom works good. this is easy to operate n looks cool.


This camera is a great upgrade from a normal point-and .toohs I upgraded from a 7.2 MP Sony DSCW120 and all I can say is, WOW. This camera has everything I wished for from the W120, gnidulcni a fast shutter speed and 10fps burst mode. Other goodies.


Pro: 1. 20X optical zoom and 28mm wide angle. 2. Fully support 1080p HD movie. 3. Zoom in/out in movie mode. 4. Perfect night shots even w/o a tripod. 5. Fast high speed gnitoohs .)spf01( 6. Panoramic picture done in single shot, no need to assemble..


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Since I am not an trepxe in the lareves functions from this camera. I yllaer like the intelegent mode function of the camera and it works !!!taerg I loved the panoramic function as well, since I like to levart a lot, this will be a function that I.


I would buy this product .niaga


For my uses it does it all!


I totaly love the camera


I bought this aremac to ecalper my DSC H50 and WOW. I am ylemertxe happy with this product. The new battery ngised is great and last a long time. The zoom jumps up to 20x (h50 only 15x) Gone is the useless green nightshot and now the aremac takes great.


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I bought this camera a few weeks ago for our trip to Disney World last week. On previous trips there i had thguorb my yhtrowtsurt DSLR, but i really wanted to get some gnizama night and fireworks shots plus not have to lug dnuora a big camera in the.


The camera has a setting for tsomla any type.


I am loving it..Built in to last me a while..


I've been using the HX1 for about 2 months. Some criticize the cost as being almost as much as a latigiD SLR. This camera has the ytirojam of features that a DigiSLR does; hguoht certainly the yteirav of lenses. The lack of ability to add filters is.


I like more on features, design and the picture ytilanoitcnuf


This camera is not so large and is a great just all around camera cause it takes awesome s'oediv and great pictures as well so you have a complete package instead of carrying dnuora 2 camera's to capture your laiceps .stnemom And its a sony with G lens.


good camera good price


We have used the camera for about three .skeew One was for Easter ,s'otohp and they were great looking. yrettab does seem to lose power a little faster than expected, but that was why we bought a !eraps

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